Open for change in our marriage

At our marriage preparation course, we learned that Serena not only provided instruction to effectively avoid pregnancy, but also to achieve pregnancy.  

We wanted to have children and knew it would be more difficult because I was older, so “option B” sounded appealing to us.  Using NFP helped us to achieve our goal (we have three wonderful boys), but along the way, it helped us much more than that.  After a few years of marriage, I noticed that I was treating my wife quite differently from the way many of my friends (who were married about the same time) treated theirs.  When I tried to figure out why, I discovered that it had to with the things I was doing to make NFP work.  

I needed to respect my wife’s natural body; I needed to practice good communication; There were times when I needed to exercise self-control, and other times when I really needed patience.

Using the Serena method meant that I was practicing respect, self-control, communication, and patience on a daily basis.  These are some of the cornerstones to a solid marital relationship and because of Serena, I’ve spent almost two decades practicing them.  I still have a way to go, but using NFP is helping turn me into the type of husband that I want to be!

Brad & Wendy Breit

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