What is NFP

A safe, healthy, and effective way to achieve or avoid pregnancy.
Serena is a method of NFP

Natural Family Planning (NFP) avoids using harmful hormones, chemicals, or devices while keeping track of the woman’s naturally occurring signs of fertility and is 99% effective.

Track Your Cycle

There are several options available for symptom tracking. Apps, charts, and simple methods that put you in control.

Knowledge is Power

Serena is backed by research and data, medical professionals and organizations. Our system is proven effective for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy.

Working With You

Serena works for both regular or irregular cycles, whether fertile or sub-fertile. Our system helps to achieve or avoid pregnancy after childbirth, after miscarriage, and when approaching menopause.

Our Mission

Serena’s mission is to enable couples to manage their fertility in a natural and effective manner based on a better knowledge and understanding of the female cycle of fertility.  We are committed to:  building healthy marriage relationships based on respect and trust, and supporting couples in seeking to delay or achieve pregnancy through the utilization of the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning.

Couple to Couple

Family Planning is not a medical issue.  Everyone can understand fertility, become self-reliant and manage their fertility.  It does not have to be in the hands of professionals. Serena respects the natural fertility cycle and is committed to the empowerment and support of couples.

Serena’s approach is couple to couple.  Volunteer teacher couples meet enquiring couples on this basis.  We believe that successful family planning needs the involvement of both partners.

Safe and Healthy

We believe that family planning should be available to all people. We teach a method that is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and helps you to protect your health.