Free of side effects

Has no synthetic hormones or health risks. Is part of a healthy lifestyle.


Works in harmony with your body.

Easy to use

Requires less than 5 minutes a day.


Strengthens communication, understanding, and intimacy in your relationship.

Have you considered
Natural Family Planning


The Sympto-Thermal Method is a modern, effective scientific, and natural method based on the observation of temperature and fertility symptoms.


The Sympto-Thermal Method determines with accuracy when a woman is fertile or infertile each month. This can aid in natural way of seeking pregnancy or avoiding pregnancy without pharmaceuticals.


Information can be used to either avoid or achieve pregnancy. This can aid in all stages of a women’s fertility, including postnatal, menopause, pre-menstruation, infertility, and over all understanding your body and health.

Because this program does not rely on synthetic chemicals, there’s little chance your body will react negatively to your treatments. This style of alternative contraception can also strengthen the relationship with your partner and help you learn about your ovulation cycles and your body.

By using charts and tables to handle any number of your family planning concerns, you can optimize control of your body. Issues such as fertility or postpartum, breastfeeding and more, this program can give you a more rewarding and natural family planning experience. When you have any questions that aren’t handled by our charts and programs, you should always consult your doctor to check if there’s any health issues that require attention.

If you are planning a pregnancy, this program can help you identify and maximize your window of ovulation. By educating yourself and identifying the range of your female cycle, you can increase your chances of conception as well as schedule times with your partner. When you are looking to increase your chances of conception and fertility, don’t forget that proper diet and nutrition is extremely important.

Before planning or checking out these alternative contraception methods, make sure to check with your physician and answer any questions you may have. If you have concerns about your own ovulation cycles, or you see a disturbing trend this program can help you identify any potential health problems.