Sympto-Thermal Method

For those wanting to learn to chart to achieve or avoid pregnancy

Breakdown of cost:Registration $20 + Kit $75 + Instruction $30

*Note, we will deduct $15 from the fee if you already have a basal body thermometer


Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)

For charting through the breastfeeding relationships in early postpartum

*Prerequisite is the STM class (so you will already have paid your one-time registration fee)

Breakdown of cost:Kit $22 + Instruction $30


Pre-menopause Charting

For those approaching menopause and anticipating or noticing changes in the cycle

*Prerequisite is the STM class (so you will already have paid your one-time registration fee)

Breakdown of cost:Kit $5 + Instruction $30


What’s in the kit?

The Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) Kit
($75 with the class)
  • Thermometer
  • Serena 40-day charts (pack of 12)
  • The Sympto-Thermal Method General Instruction Handbook
  • In Tune with your Fertility by Dr. Suzanne Parenteau
  • Managing Your Fertility Naturally
  • Questions and answers about the practice chart
  • Practice chart, one cycle
  • Serena pamphlet
  • Audio CD: “Contraception, Why Not?” by Dr Janet Smith
  • Serena pen
  • Registration form
  • Carrying folder
The Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) Kit ($22)
  • Serena 80-day charts for breastfeeding
  • Introduction to NFP after childbirth/services provided by Serena
  • Fertility after childbirth
  • Using natural methods after childbirth
  • Directions for the weekly LAM report
  • How to complete the Sympto-Thermal chart, postpartum
  • Registration form
The Pre-Menopausal Kit ($35)
  • Sample charts
  • General Instruction Handbook
  • Special periodic abstinence rules during pre-menopause handout
  • Early days rules for pre-menopause handout
  • 55-day pre-menopause charts (2 copies)

Just want to purchase some charts?

*Online charts available at or talk to your teacher couple for a referral for an app

Serena 40-day charts (pack of 12) $5.00

Serena 55-day premenopausal charts (choose legal or letter sized) $0.25/copy

Serena 65-day breastfeeding chart (choose legal or letter size) $0.25/copy

Serena 80-day charts (legal size) $0.25/copy

Looking for Infertility information?

Getting Pregnant: can natural family planning help (also called Achieving a pregnancy: what may help, Serena) $3.00

Fertility, cycles and nutrition: can what you eat affect your menstrual cycles and your fertility? (Marilyn M Shannon, 4th edition, 332 pages). For irregular cycles, problems with PMS, and to correct sub-fertility. $25.00 Also available on Amazon.

Looking for Premenopausal information?

Serena premenopausal charts (choose legal or letter sized) $0.25/copy

What your doctor may not tell you about premenopause: balance your hormones and your life from thirty to fifty (John R. Lee M.D., 1999, 395 pages). Available on Amazon.

What your doctor may not tell you about menopause: the breakthrough book on natural hormone balance (John R. Lee M.D., 2004, 440 pages). Available on Amazon.

Other Resources


(first copy is free, multiple copies $0.35/each)

  • Chastity and dating, how far is too far?
  • Chastity, what are you saying yes to?
  • God said it was very good, so why should I wait?
  • Man to man, marital chastity and fatherhood
  • Manage your fertility in a natural and effective way (Serena Canada)
  • Modesty, what’s the point?
  • NFP: safe, healthy, effective
  • Pornography, what’s the problem?
  • Problems associated with hormonal birth control
  • To give life/Natural and effective (Serena Canada)
  • Tubal ligation/female sterilization, some questions and answers
  • Vasectomy, some questions and answers
  • Why use natural family planning?


  • A man’s strength is in his character, abstinence until marriage $0.40
  • Baby “God’s biggest blessings are often His little ones” $0.40
  • My boyfriend’s parent’s trust me $0.40
  • My girlfriend’s parent’s trust me $0.40
  • Romance without regrets $0.50

Miscellaneous Items

  • “Contraception, why not?” (Dr Janet Smith) Audio CD $5.00
  • Coverline Newsletter issue (no charge)
  • Serena SK pen $0.55
  • Thermometer (Pharmasystems brand, digital, in both degrees C/F, 2 decimal points) $20

*all prices subject to change without notice