After We Were Married

After we were married, I still had a few years of school to finish before we were ready to start our family. We wanted to use NFP, but we were nervous about it. Serena provided us with several layers of confidence by giving us concrete numbers and subjective symptoms. When the time came we were overjoyed to conceive our first little one only a month after trying and will soon be expecting our third. We knew that Serena was a healthy alternative to help us plan our family, what we didn’t realize was the awesome side effects for our marriage. Serena isn’t just a ‘take a pill’ alternative, it’s a constant conversation between the couple. Communication becomes a necessity to succeed with Serena, which ironically is a huge part of a successful marriage. It also makes the heart grow fonder. When there are times when you might not be able to love each other physically, you tend to cherish and indulge in the times you can! Good news for everyone. If you want to be healthy, have a great sex life and great communication in your relationship -CHOOSE SERENA. Oh and planning your family is a great part too!

Curtis & Simone Mann