Waiting for the right time.

Christine: I have irregular cycles and so we had concerns about how difficult it would be for us to avoid pregnancy. Looking to the future as well, considering my lengthy cycles, we wondered how long it would take to achieve a pregnancy. Both avoiding and achieving seemed to have obstacles.

However, through the years of waiting to conceive we became very familiar with my signs of fertility. We waited until it was the right time to start our family and we knew exactly when we could conceive so we were able to get pregnant right away! We continued to use Serena throughout postpartum as well as when my fertility returned, learning the nuances of these new phases. Again, when it was the right time, we conceived our second baby. Serena has allowed us to be in control of our fertility through our intimate self knowledge, not having to rely on pills, devices, or barriers, and there is so much freedom in our relationship!

Quin and Christine Kleiboer. Married since 2009.

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